This extension searches the highlighted text in IMDB.

When there is highlighted text, a new option is added to the context menu. This option searches the highlighted text in "The Internet Movie Database" (IMDB).

The search results can be opened in:

  • The current tab.
  • A new tab.
  • A new window.

Localizations: ca-AD (Sogame), de-DE (TobiasBauer), en-US (Sogame), es-AR (**Juanito**), es-ES (Sogame), fr-FR (SilentBob), it-IT (Godai71), ja-JP (drry), mk-MK (renegade06), nl-NL (jerone), pl-PL (vatzec), pt-BR (raryelcsouza), ru-RU (KirilleXXI), sk-SK (Holco), sr-RS (DakSrbija), sv-SE (lookslikepat), tr-TR (Celikbas), uk-UA (Sappa), zh-CN (WangKing), zh-TW (kennith).

Works with: FirefoxFirefox 2.0 - 9.*   ThunderbirdThunderbird 3.0 - 9.*   FlockFlock 1.0 - 2.0


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